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Bartosz Hadala
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  Rupert Wates guitarist singer-songwriter The Nightwatchers reviews
Rupert Wates
Guitar and vocal
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Tour of Poland, October 2016:

"Rupert Wates is an excellent singer and guitarist who offers his listeners a beautiful voice, great guitar tones and remarkable lyrics full of life wisdom.  The songs are written in a simple and very intelligent way, with humor, a deep reflection on life and always an interesting punch line...Bartosz Hadala is an outstanding jazz pianist straight from Stawola Wola, who accompanies Rupert Wates perfectly.  Both men provide the audience with a sophisticated form of entertainment....The musicians juggled moods, telling more and more new, happy or sad, real or invented stories. The concert at Lapidarium made for one and a half hours of beautiful singing and excellent music" (

Tour of Poland October 2015:

"They arrived today in the early afternoon. Pianist Bartosz Hadala from Toronto, and troubadour Rupert Wates from New York. A few hours later, The Nightwatchers delighted the audience, which tightly filled up the room, giving their only concert in Warsaw this year. They performed a unique combination of original folk ballads - which Rupert Wates specializes in - mixed with an excellent jazz accompaniment by Bartosz Hadala. Rupert's songwriting is full of intriguing lyrics, personal stories and anecdotes. The Nightwatchers established a very warm atmosphere, connecting with the audience right away. It was a very memorable evening. The Americans present in the club really felt at home, while the Poles and other Europeans witnessed a very unique performance. Born in the UK, and currently living in Harlem, Rupert Wates successfully combines the Anglo-Saxon tradition with American folk ballads. The result is a surprisingly fresh mix. His beautiful songs boldly create certain moods and seduce the audience, who were deeply absorbed. On the other hand Bartosz Hadala's pianistic approach betrays his Polish roots, his runs often sounding like falling pearls, which reminded of Chopin Mazurkas. This unique combination is a distinctive feature of this excellent duo. Absentees missed a great performance. It was a beautiful evening. Thank You Nightwatchers! See you next year!"  (Jazz Club 12/14, Warsaw)


"The latest release from singer-songwriter and guitarist Rupert Wates will sound familiar to his fans, as it is a retrospective of sorts. Yet while it looks back at a selection of his previously released songs, they all receive new treatment by The Nightwatchers duo featuring Wates and virtuoso pianist Bartosz Hadala. This self-titled album looks forward as well, particularly as it brings together musical elements that rarely come in one recording. As Wates is known to do with his songs, his collaboration with Hadala as The Nightwatchers draws the listener in with superb musical composition, lyrics, vocal performance and dexterous playing." (Dave Turner, freelance writer, pianist and singer-songwriter) Read full review

REVIEWS of 'JOE'S CAFE', 2013:

"Joe's Café, a series of consciousness-raising and political songs by Rupert Wates, has a professional polish and charm that knocks you out. His songs are clever without assaulting the senses. Wates plays a mean guitar and is supported superbly by Bartosz Hadala on keyboards. This is a sophisticated little entertainment." (Hamilton Fringe Festival Reviews,, July 2013)

"For an hour of beautiful song writing, vocals, guitar and piano, go to Joe’s Café. Anyone who loves folk will delight in the work of Rupert Wates, who writes from the heart about people’s lives. His promise is a cup of kindness and he delivers. Superb piano by Bartosz Hadala." (Patricia Bradbury, Hamilton Fringe 2013 Reviews, View Magazine, July 2013)

"Wates is a gifted singer-songwriter whose style of music and lyrics are Gordon Lightfoot-like. His lyrics are rich with social commentary, humour, sorrow, and sweetness, and his music can make you tap your toes or stomp your feet or sit silent and still. Joe's Café is something special, indeed." (Rebecca Costie, Hamilton Fringe Festival Community Reviews, July 22, 2013)

"The audience [was] enthralled by the performance. You will be delighted." (Hamilton Fringe Festival Community Reviews, July 21, 2013)

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