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"The latest release from singer-songwriter and guitarist Rupert Wates will sound familiar to his fans, as it is a retrospective of sorts. Yet while it looks back at a selection of his previously released songs, they all receive new treatment by The Nightwatchers duo featuring Wates and virtuoso pianist Bartosz Hadala. This self-titled album looks forward as well, particularly as it brings together musical elements that rarely come in one recording. As Wates is known to do with his songs, his collaboration with Hadala as The Nightwatchers draws the listener in with superb musical composition, lyrics, vocal performance and dexterous playing." Read full review | Buy album

– Dave Turner, freelance writer, pianist and singer-songwriter, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

'The Nightwatchers' CD was one of 29 Top Albums of 2015 selected by noted critic Mark S Tucker in his round up of the year for the online review 'Perfect Sound Forever'.  See


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